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Welcome to "Where Ya At" my collection of informal diary-style text entries.

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

What’s PenseTu?

Way too early in the morning we got a knock on the door. The contractor was here to do what contractors do when you have a massive leak behind the dishwasher that was going fro months or years. It was the beginning of summer and the kids were shipped off to New Orleans, so I thought this would be the perfect, or rather best, time for this type of chaos.

You know the one thought that never occurred to me? Why not start a new venture? But I did and PenseTu was born. The idea had been gestating for years and had presented itself in various forms, but had never merged all of the incongruent activities in which I was occupied. The art, the partnerships, the consulting, the etc. etc. I had way to many email addresses I ignored and way to many social to not keep up with. so I put everything under one name and PenseTu was born.

Living, cooking and dinning combo room for a family of 5.   0 Stars, do not recommend.

What's in a name?

The French phrase "Penses-Tu" can be translated to mean "do you think or do you feel, etc." However, my grandmother used a variation of this phrase in Creole that I spell "PenseTu". though its pronounced more like "pohnstchew". She used this term to express surprise or admiration towards someone or something. It was her way of saying, "Well, look at you, aren't you fancy!" Whenever someone had good news to share, she would exclaim, "Well, pohnstchew and double pohnstchew!

The phrase "PenseTu" reminds me of my grandmother's love and joy for life. It brings back memories of the warmth and comfort of my family and my south Louisiana Creole culture. Whenever I hear or use this phrase, it evokes a sense of nostalgia and gratitude. This is why I have decided to use PenseTu as the name for my new venture. It represents hope, love, joy, excitement, and connection. The name is a celebration.

A Closing Message Goes Here, Right?

I realize that it's considered best practice to end a post by letting the reader know what to expect and signing off with a funny comment. I cannot make any promises except for one - I will not post regularly or consistently with regards to the type of content I post. Being inauthentic and boring is not my thing. However, if you are interested in my content, please click on the button below. And if you have any thoughts, feel free to leave a comment. Or is the call-to-action supposed to be like, share, and subscribe?


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